Our Approach to Healing

Welcome to Courage to Begin

At Courage to Begin, under the guidance of Dr. Sheree Bill, we explore the caverns of the mind with the light of psychodynamic psychotherapy, illuminating the shadows where distress and discomfort hide. Our practice, nestled within the heart of Irvine, serves as a sanctuary for those embarking on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Emphasizing confidentiality and compassion, we ensure a space where your voice is heard, and your story matters.

Our Approach to Healing

Our therapeutic strategy is akin to navigating the complex waters of the human psyche. We believe in tailoring our approach to fit the unique contours of each individual's experiences. Dr. Bill's expertise in psychodynamic psychotherapy allows us to dive deep into the subconscious, addressing the root causes of distress rather than just alleviating symptoms. It's a journey we embark on together, with trust as our compass and understanding as our map.

Creating a Safe Space

We recognize the courage it takes to seek help. That's why creating an environment of safety and non-judgment is paramount at Courage to Begin. Here, you are free to express your thoughts and feelings, exploring every facet of your experience without fear of criticism. It's a place where confidentiality is not just a policy but a promise - an essential foundation of our therapeutic relationship.

Specialized Services We Offer

  • Adoption Therapy
  • Depression and Anxiety Management
  • General Psychological Well-being
  • Supportive Services for Seniors and Young Adults

With a range of services targeting various demographic groups, we strive to meet you where you are in life. Whether you are grappling with the challenges of adoption, navigating the depths of depression and anxiety, or seeking guidance for overall well-being, Courage to Begin stands ready to support you.

Why Choose Psychologist Newport Irvine at Courage to Begin?

Accessibility and Convenience

Located conveniently at 19772 MacArthur Blvd., Suite #260 in Irvine, our office is a beacon for those seeking support in the Newport Irvine area and beyond. Further embracing accessibility, Dr. Bill also provides services out of Orange, CA, illustrating our commitment to reaching those in need, wherever they may be.

Embracing Teletherapy for Continuous Support

In today's ever-changing world, maintaining continuity of care is more important than ever. That's why we offer teletherapy services, ensuring that no matter the circumstances, your journey towards healing continues uninterrupted. It's therapy tailored to your life's pace, providing flexibility and comfort without compromising on the quality of care.

Hearing from Those Who've Walked the Path

Our clients' stories speak volumes of the transformative impact Courage to Begin can have on your life. These testimonials, woven with threads of growth, discovery, and healing, highlight the compassionate and insightful approach Dr. Bill brings to each session. They serve not just as endorsements, but as beacons of hope for those contemplating the first step on their therapeutic journey.

Overcoming Obstacles Together

Life's challenges, whether they manifest as stress, anxiety, depression, or seemingly insurmountable obstacles, are not meant to be faced alone. At Courage to Begin, led by Psychologist Newport Irvine Dr. Sheree Bill, we provide a supportive and professional environment that fosters healing and self-discovery. Our practice is more than just a place to seek help; it's a space where growth begins, and where the courage to confront life's challenges is nurtured and celebrated.

Beginning Your Journey with Us

If you find yourself at a crossroads, looking for a path forward, let Courage to Begin be your guide. Dr. Sheree Bill and our dedicated team are here to support you, offering a blend of expertise, compassion, and understanding that is rare to find. It's not just about overcoming challenges; it's about discovering your potential, unlocking your strength, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery that leads to a fulfilling life.

To learn more about how we can support you or to schedule a consultation, reach out to us. Together, we can explore the courage to begin.

Hearing from Those Who've Walked the Path

How much does a psychologist charge per hour in California?

At Courage to Begin, we understand that the financial aspect of therapy is a significant concern for many individuals seeking help. The cost of seeing a psychologist in California can vary widely based on several factors including experience, specialization, and location. Typically, psychologists in California may charge anywhere from $100 to $300 per hour. At our practice in Irvine, we strive to make therapy accessible and affordable, and we're happy to discuss our rates and any available sliding scale options during your initial consultation. Remember, investing in your mental health is a valuable step towards a fulfilling life.

Is seeing a psychologist the same as a therapist?

While the terms 'psychologist' and 'therapist' are often used interchangeably, there are distinctions. A psychologist, like myself, holds a doctoral degree and is trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, among other approaches. This training allows us to delve into deep-seated issues and explore the subconscious. Therapists, on the other hand, can have varying levels of education and specialize in different forms of therapy. Both can provide invaluable support, but the depth and focus of the work can differ. At Courage to Begin, our focus is on uncovering and addressing the root causes of your challenges, promoting long-term healing and growth.

Is it worth paying a psychologist?

Deciding to pay for psychological services is indeed a significant decision. However, it's helpful to view it as an investment in your well-being and future. Therapy, especially approaches like psychodynamic psychotherapy that we offer at Courage to Begin, can lead to profound personal growth, improved relationships, and the resolution of longstanding issues. Many of our clients have found that this journey of self-discovery and healing brings value that far exceeds the financial cost. Consider what it's worth to you to live a more fulfilled and peaceful life.

How much does it cost to tell a psychologist?

When asking about the cost of therapy, it's important to consider not just the monetary expense but also the emotional investment and the potential benefits. At Courage to Begin, we are transparent about our fees, which are discussed during the initial consultation. However, the true 'cost' also involves opening up and being willing to explore deeply personal spaces within yourself. The rewards of this journey, in terms of personal growth and healing, often far outweigh the initial expense, both emotional and financial. We encourage prospective clients to consider what value you place on overcoming challenges and achieving a sense of well-being.

How do I know if Dr. Sheree Bill or any psychologist is the right fit for me?

Finding the right psychologist is a deeply personal decision. It's crucial that you feel a sense of trust and connection with your psychologist, as this relationship is the foundation of effective therapy. At Courage to Begin, we offer an initial consultation to help you get a sense of our approach and how we might work together. Questions about our experience, methods, and how we handle situations relevant to your needs can offer insights into whether we're a good match. Listening to your intuition about whether you feel comfortable and understood can also guide your choice.

What are the benefits of teletherapy, especially in the current climate?

Teletherapy has emerged as an essential service, offering flexibility and ensuring that support is continuous, irrespective of external circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic. At Courage to Begin, we've embraced teletherapy to maintain the therapeutic journey without interruption. Clients find that teletherapy offers convenience, as it eliminates commuting time and allows them to engage in therapy from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, it can also provide a sense of safety and privacy that empowers some clients to open up more freely. The effectiveness of teletherapy, supported by research, makes it a viable option for those seeking flexible mental health support.


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