I discovered a deep connection with this age group during my post-doctoral internship with a psychologist working in the Health Assessment Program for Seniors at UCI Senior Health Center.

In addition to this post-doctoral internship, I have taken gerontology courses receiving a certificate of completion from the American Society of Aging and the Davis School Of Gerontology at USC. I provide individual psychotherapy with seniors and their families.

Seniors can be faced with so many challenges, yet I have seen their amazing resilience and insight as they work through these challenges and pursue ongoing growth and change.

As well as working with senior patients, I have also trained with senior practitioners. I sought supervision with the renowned psychoanalyst Dr. Hedda Bolgar, founding member of Los Angeles Institute and Society of Psychoanalytic Studies and co-founder of the Wright Institute. During the period in which I consulted with her she was in her nineties. She provided a unique perspective on aging based on accepting limitations while simultaneously pushing to see the individual beyond, encouraging seniors to embrace this time of life and see new opportunities.

I am a MEDICARE provider for the treatment of seniors and I collaborate with many internists, psychiatrists, and neuropsychologists for cognitive evaluations. I have built a comprehensive referral base of senior services. Because I maintain weekly contact with the patient I am able to provide necessary information to other providers. A team approach can be instrumental in tracking the mental, emotional and physical needs of the individual.

I do consultations with seniors and their families in order to assess where they are and connect them with my comprehensive community contacts to meet their individual needs. I offer consultation services for professionals who work with this population. I provide important links and resources on emotional, mental and physical senior concerns on my: Senior Blog.


Dr. Bill is an outside provider for most insurance companies. Please call your insurance company and find out your outside provider fee.


Dr. Bill works with all local hospitals and Senior Healthcare centers and is a Medicare provider.


Private pay fees are comparable to community standards.


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