April 1, 2020 Dr. Sheree Bill

Teletherapy during COVID-19

I never imagined sitting in my guest room at home for hours everyday having phone/video sessions with my patients. But after 2 weeks here I am falling into an entirely new routine. I wasn’t sure how switching to telepsychology would work. Can we still find that space to talk on that very personal level in this very different format? The answer I have discovered is yes. There is that initial awkwardness. But I am finding the

Therapeutic space is attainable via phone/FaceTime. There are various ways in which we can offer our people a safe environment. It can be crucial for a patient to have this place for themselves in order to recover or discover a capacity for managing life’s difficulties especially at this time. With the shelter-in, we need to continue to connect. So telehealth it is.  I have found several articles I feel can be helpful. I repost these on my Facebook page Sheree Bill PsyD.- such as ‘Psychological Responses to the Quarantine’ by the APA and ‘How social groups can do Good While Indoors’by Casey Newton.

If you are thinking about beginning therapy through teletherapy you might want to read, ‘7 Tips for Making the Most of Online Therapy During the COVID-19 Outbreak’ by Sam Dylan Finch.

Stay safe and feel free to connect.