Young adulthood is often the place where gaps in our foundation can first be felt. Gaps are places that were missed in your growth and make it difficult for you to move forward.

Anyone can have these gaps, but in today's world young adults face particular challenges. When they leave the structure of the childhood they have known, they enter a world where there are so many choices that it can be overwhelming. Maturity is not a number; it is different for everyone. This is made clear by the current studies on the success of a 'gap year' after high school.

The gap year began as a year-long break from intense coursework, and its focus was on life-enriching experiences—it was a year for gaining maturity and revitalizing. This added maturity can help young adults overcome their developmental gaps. But sometimes these gaps show up as low self-esteem. When they hit a really difficult spot they don't have the resilience to meet it. This can even be true when the young adult has excelled at a specialty when younger like music or academics the arts or sports. Identity is more than what you can do. Getting to that level whether it is through your natural talent your dedication to pursue your degree and beyond or entering the job force: staying there requiring the self-confidence and resilience preparation to deal with life as an adult.

Often, these young adults don't realize they need time to mature until they are away at college or have moved out on their own. If you are a young adult starting out on your own, it may be the first time you have had to leave the comfort of those friendships you have grown up with and have been forced to build new ones. There can also be a lack of self-confidence, an anxiety, a fear, or an unknown or unresolved issue from the past that you are unaware of. To work through these problems, we meet and look at what underlying gaps are keeping you in this stuck place. Looking at what is really going on can free you to move past the stuck place and open up a world of new possibilities. I offer the support you need to develop your own insight into your particular challenges. Understanding these challenges will allow you to successfully launch into adulthood and navigate this big, exciting world.

One of my most senior patients, who passed away in his eighties, asked me, "Can you imagine living your entire life having come to the realization you weren't really living?" As a young adult, you can start discovering what really living means to you and go for it!


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