Maybe you are at my website because something in your life isn't working. You may have noticed you are experiencing more physical symptoms, not able to stay on top of tasks and wonder if you are depressed or that these symptoms are a result of stress. You may find yourself anxious or worrying more than usual or snapping at those you care about.

Perhaps you are in a painful relationship with a partner, spouse or child and are feeling unanticipated loss and carrying tension in trying to fix the situation.
If you are a young adult transitioning from high school you may feel lost and unmotivated and unable to know how to begin your life. There are many transitions we face: having a child, adopting a child, finding a birth family, moving through a divorce or a trauma while at college and can feel out of control. In our jobs we may feel unheard or even attacked. As a senior you may find yourself facing the challenges of suddenly living alone, experiencing physical and mental changes, or worrying about your memory.

Symptoms needs to find a cause in order to become manageable so that we can function at our best in everyday life. The way I work is to collaborate with you to find the underlying causes or roots of the issue that is holding you back. Together in therapy we work to become aware and understand these causes and ways of being so there can be change.

Sometimes our own defenses may be keeping us from admitting the truth. We may be caught in blaming others as a way of avoiding looking at ourself. It's human to try to downplay what has hurt us or deny they ever had an effect. We may feel that there is something wrong with us, that choices have been made and there is no way to feel better again. There is a way. The above situations are real. I have worked with individuals facing theses struggles. It can feel so much easier to put it off.

It takes: