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At Clear Life Recovery, we offer a variety of treatment programs for all degrees of addiction. These include medical detox, residential rehab, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc., designed to help patients achieve long-lasting sobriety. We are the only treatment center in Orange County to follow a holistic approach to treat addiction.

How can drugs affect you mentally?

Drug use is one of the common external influences that cause mental disorders. Drugs and alcohol are, in general, psychoactive and affects moods in individuals. These substances are capable of arousing certain emotions in individuals while thoroughly dampening emotions in a few others. When you use drugs, it interferes with the chemical processes in your brain, affecting the brain's communication with the rest of the body.

While drug use causes feelings of euphoria and excitement initially, with long term use, it can lead to mental disorders like anxiety, depression, etc. Usage of drugs often arises due to an underlying emotional trauma or unresolved feelings. Drug abuse, over time, leads to the development of more than one mental disorder. Drug abuse can severely compromise your mental health if left untreated. At our treatment center in Orange County, we follow a comprehensive approach to treat co-occurring mental health disorders.

Choosing an Inpatient Treatment Center

The treatment needs of each individual in rehab is different. Make sure to look for a rehab center that specializes in your addiction/mental disorder condition to help you attain the best results in recovery.

Before choosing a rehab center, make sure to enquire about the addiction treatment programs that they offer, and the prices of their different treatment options. Furthermore, ask for a rehab tour to get a feel of what happens in rehab on a typical day, the amenities they provide, their infrastructure, etc.

What is the leading cause of drug addiction?

While scientists and medical practitioners are still working on the exact cause of drug addiction, multiple factors can contribute to addiction in an individual. The causes of addiction are threefold; psychological, environmental, or genetic.

  • Psychological - Teenagers and adults fall into addiction due to traumatic memories and an agonizing past. Women with a history involving sexual or physical abuse, chaotic family situation, and emotionally straining relationships often "self-medicate" themselves to decrease the emotional pain caused by such memories.
  • Environmental - Working in a highly stressful workplace or individuals that work under the constant pressure to deliver excellence may submit to using drugs to catch a breath from all the hustle and bustle. Teenage girls and boys often use drugs due to peer pressure.
  • Genetic Causes - Being related to someone with an addiction history increases your risk of addiction.

Besides these factors, some people abuse prescription drugs to overcome chronic pain and physical discomfort. Speak to our admissions officer at Clear Life Recovery for more details on our treatment programs. We've made it our mission to guide you or your loved one towards recovery in the safest way possible. We are a highly efficient treatment center in Orange County that specializes in treating co-occurring mental health illnesses.

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