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Skilled Nursing Facility Appleton

Recovery Inn is the #1 skilled nursing facility in Appleton with a dedicated and compassionate staff team. We help patients recover and heal from an injury or surgery with the best post-operative and wound care.

Benefits of cognitive training

One of the common medical issues faced by seniors is dementia, memory loss, and a decline in cognitive abilities. While this could arise due to an underlying medical condition or aging, seniors can still live a fulfilling life with proper cognitive training. Some of its benefits include:

  • It enables seniors to be more independent and enables them to perform daily activities without any challenges.
  • It improves the sense of judgment, thinking abilities, and decision making in older adults. It also improves their memory and helps them lead a more fulfilling and gratifying retirement life.
  • It improves self-esteem in seniors and increases their auditory processing speed by 131%, which allows elders to process information and participate in conversations twice as fast as before.

We offer evidence-based cognitive training to all our guests. Our skilled nursing facility in Appleton also encompasses a state of the art dementia unit.

Benefits of memory care

Adults and seniors suffering from dementia, memory loss, and cognitive impairments require long-term and specialized care. Some of the benefits of memory care include:

  • Skilled nursing homes offer memory care services, which include personal care and assistance with performing daily activities. These facilities also offer 24-hour medical supervision and medication management to patients.
  • Memory care and dementia units provide patients with a safe and calming environment to heal and recover. These units reduce the risk of danger and wandering of patients and are usually color-coded to help them in easy navigation. 
  • Skilled nursing facilities offer life-enriching and therapeutic programs for dementia patients to improve their quality of life. Some centers offer memory care programs to reduce falls, injuries, and hospital visits.

We offer the best memory care programs to our guests and residents to enable them with greater independence. More than 75% of our residents that undergo memory care show considerable improvement in mental functioning and cognitive abilities.

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is a specialized type of medical treatment, support, and care offered to patients suffering from terminal illnesses and diseases. Most skilled nursing homes offer medical support and care for dying patients who have six months or less to live. Under hospice care, we try to reduce the symptoms and pain in patients and offer them with a calm, supportive, and comfortable environment.

Furthermore, at our skilled nursing facility, we offer the best quality of life for dying patients by fulfilling their social, emotional, and spiritual needs with counseling sessions and life-enriching activities. Our team of physicians, nurses, social workers, and spiritual counselors offer the best care and support to our hospice patients and ensure that they live their final days in contentment.

Contact the Recovery Inn today for more details on the services we offer at our skilled nursing facility in Appleton. We offer physical, speech, occupational therapy, and cognitive training at affordable prices

Skilled Nursing Facility Appleton
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Skilled Nursing Facility Appleton
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