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Teeth pain cannot wait

Statistics have shown that most people rank tooth pain as being one of the most excruciating type of pain they have ever experienced. One of the most common causes for toothaches is the cavity, breaking out the tooth's outer layer and exposing the fragile nerve. Other causes include trauma, gum infections, neuralgia, malocclusion and sinusitis, all of which we, at Copperstone Dental, are well-aware of.

An SE Calgary emergency dentist knows how serious dental problems may become and that they can actually pose a real health risk. Severe pain almost always foreshadows other, more aggravated dental problems, and they could be linked to apparently irrelevant medical conditions as well, like diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, respiratory infections and even dementia.

And, regardless of the cause of your toothache, you absolutely need professional assistance. Sure, there are a lot of homemade remedies to resort to, the type of which your grandma treated you with when you were young. The problem with those improvised treating methods was that they almost always treated the symptoms, not the actual problem. Except for when the problem was a cavity, at which point the treatment was a grandma-style tooth extraction, when possible.

Prevention is the key

Nothing is more important than prevention, especially because it's cheaper, less time consuming and it can positively affect your lifestyle in a lot of other areas. Not to mention that adopting preventive measures against toothaches actually translates by protecting yourself against a wide range of diseases and affections.

And any professional SE Calgary emergency dentist would tell you that avoiding teeth pain refers to:

- Adopt a healthy diet - Eating healthy is a great way of providing your body with all the nutrients in needs for a proper development. And for stronger bones and teeth, free of plaque and cavities.

- Flossing - It is not possible to promote dental hygiene without mentioning flossing. It needs to be done once a day, as the benefits are immense on the long run, one of which includes the prevention of gum diseases.

- Daily brushing - By now daily brushing has become the norm. Mostly everybody does it, because it is common knowledge and because it comes with so many health benefits, both immediate and distant.

- Protection when practicing contact sports - Having a mouth guard during intense and dangerous physical activities is priceless when discussing teeth pain. It is the single best way to prevent tooth chipping, breaking or gum trauma.

- Regular dentist appointments - Nothing beats professional assistance in terms of prevention. It is your dentist who is the most qualified to identify dental problems in their early stages, allowing him or her to correct them right from the get-go.

An SE Calgary emergency dentist deals with a lot of folks whose dental problems could have been easily avoided by resorting to some of the aforementioned methods. This is why education is important and providing people with the knowledge they need to stay healthy is what Copperstone Dental professionals aim at. And if everything else fails, we are here to solve your problems the way we know best - fast, effective and painless.

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