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When a person is seeking addiction treatment for drugs or alcohol, they will do well to consider the different kinds of rehab facilities in Indiana. Not all rehabs are created equally! True, rehab is rehab, but the facilities and the programs are quite different from rehab to rehab. Just how important is it to select the right rehab facilities when seeking treatment? Let's explore.

How Important is it to Research the Many Rehab Facilities in Indiana?

Consider Bridges of Hope's rehab facilities. Our property and our treatment program are very different from so-called standard rehab facilities. While the average rehab in Indiana looks and feels like an institution, Bridges of Hope looks and feels like a home. While most rehab facilities stuff as many patients together at once as they can, Bridges of Hope only admits a limited number of patients at a time. This means that we can better allocate our resources and give the kind of one-on-one attention that each patient needs and deserves.

When a person is ill in active addiction, they need to seek treatment ASAP. At the same time, it is wise to take an hour or so and do some online research to find the rehab facility in Indiana that best matches the needs, personality, and goals of the patient seeking addiction treatment. Across the United States, drug and alcohol rehab facilities are failing to keep people clean and sober at a dismal rate. Only 18% of all people who graduate a drug and alcohol rehab facility will stay clean longer than two years! While this can't all be blamed on the rehab facilities, there is ample evidence that people who take their time to select a rehab facility that is right for them have a much better chance of getting clean and staying clean.

The Program Matters as Much as the Facilities Themselves!

Surely, you see the practicality in selecting a rehab that is conducive to your needs, personality, and goals. But have you considered how the facility's rehab program will play a part in your recovery? Most drug rehab facilities in Indiana follow the traditional 12-Step treatment model, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. What these facilities fail to do is to incorporate modern and holistic addiction treatment models.

Additionally, many rehabs in Indiana push their patients from class to class and group to group. They never allow their patients to relax, reflect, or rejuvenate. At Bridges of Hope, we are a much more laid-back rehab facility. We let people recover at their own pace. Here, you can enjoy some great fishing, hiking, and other luxury amenities in a rehab facility that fosters recovery. We combine the best of traditional, modern, scientific, and holistic treatment models to give our patients the best chance of long-term recovery possible. If you'd like to learn more about us and determine if we have the rehab facilities in Indiana that are right for you, then start your journey of recovery today! Give Bridges of Hope a call any time. We are located in Anderson, IN, just North of Indy.

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