Private Luxury Detox Nashville

Nashville Addiction Recovery is a leading facility for private luxury detox in Nashville with customized healing therapies. We help our rehab clients break free from their behavioral disorders using an integrated treatment approach and equipping them with critical coping skills for lasting success with sobriety.

Why joining a luxury rehab is not a facade of grandeur but a necessity?

Try to see the money you spend on substance abuse treatment as an investment in yourself. The sooner you get better, the more the chances of you getting a secure job, regaining the trust of your loved ones, and leading a fulfilling life overt the years. There are two ways you can get sober. One is joining one of the low costing outpatient drug rehab facilities for recovery. The other is to attend a luxury Nashville drug and alcohol rehab and attain a safe, speedy, and sustainable recovery.

Recovering at a luxury rehab does not mean you splurge money at an upscale treatment facility for opulent accommodations and gourmet meals. Luxury rehabs are more than sheer opulence and concierge medical services. Luxury rehabs use innovative treatments and cutting-edge technology to address and treat substance addiction.

What can I expect with luxury treatment?

Luxury drug and alcohol treatment facilities offer comfortable private rooms in an upscale facility. You will enjoy gourmet meals prepared by a chef, participate in private therapy, and enjoy benefits like massage therapy, access to a fitness studio, swimming pool, etc. Some luxury rehabs also offer animal-assisted programs like equine therapy, dolphin therapy, etc.

Not to mention, luxury facilities offer breathtaking views of the ocean, lake, or surrounding mountains. While undergoing rehab treatment at a luxury drug and alcohol detox center may sound like a vacation for recovering addicts, each facility has its unique approach and healing plans to help clients get sober. The journey towards sobriety can come with its own set of challenges. Joining a luxury rehab can alleviate some of the pain and discomfort you may experience in the early phases of your recovery, help you focus on your wellness goals, and get sober in a comfortable, stress-free, and tranquil setting.

How much does luxury rehab cost?

The cost of treatment at a luxury drug and alcohol rehab may be on the higher end compared to publicly-funded treatment centers as it offers a broad range of amenities, innovative therapies, and private accommodations.

On average, your insurance plan may cover some part of your luxury addiction treatment at one of the top rehab centers in Nashville. Make sure to speak to your insurance provider to learn about the benefits covered under your policy.

Call us at 615-753-7966 to verify your insurance. Addiction takes hundreds of lives every year. Take action now to get your life back. Nashville Addiction Recovery is a renowned treatment center for private luxury detox in Nashville with several positive reviews and the lowest relapse rates. Join us to begin on a life-altering journey towards sobriety.

Private Luxury Detox Nashville
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