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Some cultures worldwide do not suffer from the rampant spinal injuries that affect a majority of westerners. There are stories of 90-year-olds spending most of their days collecting food and wood, without any back or neck pain. Is it their beefy abdominal muscle or the ability to enjoy life in nature without the mental strain of modern life?

Some people believe that these ancient cultures have mastery over the spine and know-how to eat and live for the best health. An example is that Asians believe the spine holds all nervous connections and is critical in maintaining health.

Our patients are first-hand witnesses that we make the experiences unforgettable in the best ways possible. The chiropractor in Miami knows that full recovery dramatically improves one’s overall life and aims to give clients services for quick and effective recovery.

Signs you should visit the Miami spine clinic.

Extreme pain

The body is telling of more severe issues when you have problems with the spine. One may have a herniated disc or another malfunction requiring immediate attention. The spine specialist in Miami has the tools to investigate underlying pathology for the most accurate and effective treatment.

Stagnant progress

Physical therapy can only do so much when you have nerve damage. A nagging is enough to sign for you to seek treatment. Do not persist in physical exercise when you suffer from the same issue for weeks; instead, learn how to get a diagnostic evaluation from or facility.

What to bring for the appointment

FMC is a walk-in clinic that will process your details and begin the treatment process on the first day. Please bring the following documents so we can assemble a collective understanding of your situation.

  • Scan documents – Bring MRI, X-ray, and CT scan images from your previous appointment in a different facility.

  • Family history records – The spine doctor will use details of any genetic disorders or a personal history of back pain to rule out conditions while establishing facts of the underlying illness.

  • Symptom list – Which discomfort do you experience? Is it a tingle or numbness? Make a list of all signs that affect you to get the best possible full treatment.

What to ask the best spine doctor in Miami

The key to effective treatment is clear communication with a qualified professional. Anxiety may affect how you remember the questions you should ask your spine doctor. Most people will forget to make a list of questions because they trust the doctor to offer smooth services. The following are just a couple of questions you can use to ensure stress-free treatment.

  • What are the causes of pain?
  • What are the risks of treatment?
  • Do you need tests before treatment?

What to expect after the consultation session

Our spine clinic in Miami wants you to leave the consultation with clear perspectives of all our services. Miami spine specialists have a range of treatments for you to get the best spine treatment within a reasonable. We are in the business of managing many different pain issues and will treat more than your spine for overall wellness. Contact now for immediate communication.

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