Hormone Pellet Therapy Near Me

Hormones regulate our bodily functions. From mood to muscle synthesis, an imbalance of hormones can ruin everything. Hormone Pellet Therapy can correct these imbalances by supplying a regular dose of hormones to the body.

That said, if you fail to choose the right place to get your hormone pellet from, you can suffer dire consequences.

The following are some tips about choosing the right clinic for your hormone pellet therapy.

Make Sure the Physician Performs the Required Testing

Pelleted Hormone Therapy is not without its side effects. For instance, women who have blood clotting issues should not take hormone pellets as these can aggravate the problem. Similarly, people who have thyroid issues are also at risk of developing complications.

Therefore, when you search for terms like ‘best hormone pellet therapy near me,’ make sure the place you choose mandates testing for blood-related issues before prescribing therapy.

Testing may sound like a hassle, but a little precaution can save you many health issues later.

Choose Hormones Derived from Natural Sources

Before getting a pellet hormone replacement therapy, make sure you know where the hormones come from. Many clinics and physicians who claim to be using only the best hormone pellets on the market are using subpar products. Low-quality products are made from chemically synthetic hormones, which are quite bad for your body’s natural systems.

So, research about the kind of pellets your physician or clinic uses. Always look for hormones from natural sources like plants. Such hormones have a similar molecular structure as the hormones produced by your endocrine system. Consequently, the hormones work perfectly in sync with your body to deliver the intended effects.

Make Sure You Know Everything About the Process

Deciding to have a pelleted hormone therapy is one thing, making sure that you are comfortable with the procedure is another. Therefore, before undergoing the hormone pellet therapy process, make sure your physician has told you everything about the process.

In general, the pallet insertion process is simple. The physician makes a small cut around the pelvis after applying anesthesia. After inserting the pellet in this cut, the doctor seals it with a tape. As the cut is small, no stitches are needed.

In short, ensure you know all the details about the process. And more importantly, make sure your physician talks to you about the process.

Research the Risks of Overdosing on Hormones

When you decide to undergo hormone replacement therapy, you must know the risks associated with the process. For instance, in the case of testosterone pellets, the testosterone levels in females, especially the ones who haven’t experienced menopause, can spike. The effects of this spike can range from facial hair growth to increased acne.

Therefore, you should go through a bioidentical hormone pellet therapy only when you know the risks involved with the process. And once again, it is the duty of your doctor to warn you against these effects.

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Hormone Pellet Therapy Near Me