Drug Detox Arizona

The first step for most people entering a long-term drug rehab will be detoxification. This process involves the removal of all toxins within the bloodstream. If you are looking for help and drug detox in Arizona for yourself or a loved one, you will find that the more you know about addiction, the better.

About Addiction

One indicator of addiction is the development of withdrawal symptoms if you have not used drugs or alcohol for a period of time. As the substances leave the body, the side effects that someone could experience while going through Arizona addiction treatment could be mild or severe enough to be life-threatening. It all depends on the drugs used, the method of introduction into the system, and the level of dependency.

When looking into the top rehab centers in Arizona, you will see why professional help is best. Withdrawal symptoms can be psychological and physical, usually accompanied by intense cravings. For many addicts, stopping any substance suddenly, also known as cold turkey, is never recommended. Instead, going through medically-assisted drug detox in Arizona is the safest and most effective way to proceed.

What Is Medically-Assisted Detoxification?

This process occurs at a drug rehab and detox facility, where addicts are put into a controlled environment while under 24-hour medical supervision. Some drugs call for controlled, slow weaning on a tapered schedule to help bring down the substance in the system. Others will call for medications during detoxification to help manage any cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction to certain drugs will be more likely to call for medical detox, with the most likely candidates being:

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription opioids
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Heroin

While many people may not consider alcohol to be a drug, many side effects come with excessive drinking. For some people who have been drinking in excess for a long time, there could be dangerous or life-threatening issues that can develop when they stop consuming alcohol. Because of this, anyone with an alcohol abuse disorder (AUD) must get the care and support necessary to safely navigate the withdrawal process.

Why Is Silver Sands Recovery The Best Drug And Alcohol Rehab Nearby?

With any sort of rehab facility, you want well-rounded care, supportive staff, and a tailored approach to treatment. Here at Silver Sands Recovery, we are here to help our participants from intake and detox all the way through to personalized treatment and graduation into aftercare support. Whether you are looking into drug and alcohol treatment for yourself or a loved one, we are here to guide you through the process to get on a path to safe, effective recovery.

Is it time that you think about drug detox in Arizona? Do you have questions on the process and whether or not it is right for your unique situation? We have the facility, staffing, proven methods, and individualized care that you need to build up the foundation for success. If you would like to start gaining the tools you need to transition into sobriety, give us a call at (833) 723-0387 to get the help you need before it is too late.

Drug Detox Arizona