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Making California Drug Rehab Programs Work

When you finally realize that your loved one is addicted to certain drugs, you don’t just send him into any California drug rehab center. There are important tips to apply. Whether the California drug rehab center will succeed or not, it depends mostly on how you handle the situation. Some important tips have been outlined right below.

Define what you mean by success

Before checking your loved one into a California drug rehab center, you have to decide exactly what you intend to achieve. In rehabilitation, the word success is an ambiguous term. For instance, successful completion of a rehab program is success on its own. A drastic reduction in the intake of drug is another success and completely staying away from drugs after rehab is another kind of success.

So what exactly are you aiming for? Once that is sorted, you will discuss it with the staff in the center that this is what you hope to achieve.

Convince him to go

Most people suffering from drug addiction do not agree that they are addicted. So, they often balk at the idea of checking into a rehab. Of course why will anyone decide to go the hospital when he thinks he’s fine?

Here is the problem, the continuous refusal to get rehabilitated is what will infuriate you into taking certain counterproductive actions like confronting him or isolating him. That will set you on the wrong foot. You should understand that it is normal for an addict to refuse to go into a rehab center.

Unfortunately, you don’t have much of a choice here. You have to keep persuading him with a lot of love, patience and tolerance. If you can get him to willingly check into a rehab, then his recovery is certainly on its way.

Sometimes, refusal is better than going into a rehab to sabotage everybody’s effort. Violence is one of the symptoms of drug addiction so you should never get confrontational with him especially during his hysterical moments. Most importantly, do not call him an addict to his face!

Number of days cannot be predicted

If a center says the program will take 30 days, take it as just the first phase. No one can really say how long it will take. Every case of drug addiction is unique. Their intensity varies and all participants will not respond to the same program the same way.

If you set your mind up for 30 days and after those 30 days he has still not recovered to your expectation, an iota of hopelessness will begin to set in for you. So, take the program as the first stage. If he recovers fully during the period, then count him lucky.

Success rate

Never forget to ask for the success rate of the rehab center. The success rate of a center is about the chances of recovery of all the addicts being treated there.

Make plan for post-rehab activities

Idleness can lead to a relapse. So, you should make plans for how to keep him busy and happy immediately he leaves the rehab center.

In conclusion, since all drug rehab centers follow certain basic steps. You might want to ask yourself why all the drug addicts that spend the same number of days in a center do not achieve the same result. It is because the families of addicts do not give the same amount of support. So, it is safe to accept that rehab centers can only give 60 percent, family support makes the remaining 40 percent. Your loved one requires your pre-rehab support, in-rehab support and most importantly, post-rehab support.


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