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Alcohol programs

Sustainable recovery from addiction largely depends on the type of  alcohol programs you undergo. As one of the oldest rehabs in Arizona, Royal Life Centers has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals and has helped them adapt to a sober and healthy lifestyle through a customized treatment approach and evidence-based therapies.

Warning signs of alcohol addiction

It can be difficult to recognize an alcohol addiction issue in incipient stages because of its prevalence throughout society. Warning signs of alcohol addiction include:

  1. Consuming alcohol in larger amounts or more frequently than intended.
  2. You intend to cut down or stop consuming alcohol, but you feel intense cravings or withdrawal symptoms causing you to relapse soon.
  3. You find yourself or a loved one spending a lot of time acquiring or consuming alcohol.
  4. Inability to fulfill everyday responsibilities such as work-related commitments, school-assignments, or family obligations.
  5. You find yourself getting into legal troubles or facing financial problems.

If you find yourself facing problems in relationships or with friends and family members, it may be time to look for the best addiction treatment near me. As one of the pioneer addiction rehab centers, we offer a highly effective alcohol treatment program that has helped numerous individuals embrace sobriety.

Our alcohol addiction treatment programs

We offer six types of addiction treatment for patients battling alcohol addiction. We recommend one of the following addiction treatments based on the severity of the addiction, presence of co-occurring mental health issues, and a variety of other factors:

  • Medical detox
  • Residential inpatient
  • PHP
  • IOP
  • Sober living
  • Outpatient treatment

By providing a full spectrum of services, we ensure the highest quality addiction treatment and medical care for those battling with alcoholism. As a leading addiction treatment center, we have the lowest relapse rates and hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials from past patients to vouch for our quality of treatment and services.

Treatments that we use to treat alcohol addiction

Unlike other drug treatment centers, we follow a tailored-treatment approach to cater to each patient's unique needs in rehab. Here is a list of treatments we use to address and treat alcoholism:

  • Medical detox

Medical detox is the first step in the recovery process and helps the body eliminate the toxins linked to long-term alcohol consumption. It also reduces the severity of withdrawal symptoms and promotes a comfortable recovery.

  • Evidence-based treatments

Our team of health professionals and mental health experts use evidence-based therapies such as adventure therapy, activity therapy, equine therapy, etc., to help individuals heal and recover from their traumatic memories and underlying mental health issues.

  • Support services

We help recovering addicts find a 12-step meeting or support group near them, assist them with employment, and offer families free drug testing kits once a month to ensure their loved one’s sobriety.

Get your free help from one of our treatment specialists at 877-732-6837. Royal Life Centers offers the best alcohol programs at affordable prices in a state-of-the-art rehab center. With a friendly and compassionate staff team, we create a home-like environment for our guests to help them focus on the addiction rehab process.