April 27, 2017 Dr. Sheree Bill


The really interesting part of Medicare and psychotherapy is that Medicare allows so many seniors to do something they may never would have done before. With Medicare there is an opportunity for the first time to go to psychotherapy without burdening the budget. And when on a fixed budget with what can be big life transitions that is pretty awesome! Not every psychologist takes Medicare. Why? There's the dreaded insurance paperwork for both Medicare and the supplement and they don't pay out as much as private pays.
I began my second internship in a practice that worked with seniors and Medicare and have always kept Medicare a portion of my practice because it's a really insightful age group I enjoy working with.

It is an age of introspection. There can be loss or losses- illness. There can be old guilt. There can be difficulty accepting not reaching a goal. There can be a re-evaluating of one's life knowing there are only so many life's boxes left and realizing you can decide how you want to live filling them. There may be relationships you want to change. Maybe you have thoughts on a new career you've wanted to explore. Maybe you are alone and want to find out how to build relationships without work.

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Being a parent can bring guilt. Being an adult child can bring unresolved feelings. Being both at the same time and feeling sandwiched can be overwhelming. Retirement sounds wonderful and can be but after working many years it does have an effect on our identity. Maybe I've been sad, angry, depressed anxious for a long time and I want to do something about it now. We are fortunate to have Medicare at this time in our lives to be able to go to psychotherapy and work through many of the questions and issues and fears that come up at this very interesting time in our lives.


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